Alternative Gift Market

30th Annual Alternative Gift Market

2020 Alternative Gift Market agencies with their own websites are now linked to our own CPC website here. As you read about each agency, just “click on the link” and you will automatically be sent over to the Agency Website.  Once your online donation has been made, simply come back to this AGM page (; Mission and Outreach tab; Alternative Gift Market) and continue with your other agency donations. You may wish to use the November Mission Bell insert to write on and make your choices as well.  (Note:  There are two agencies where you have to mail a check directly to them, but you are welcome to send checks to any agency also.)  Please notate “CPC AGM” and category of choice on all checks or when indicated on the website.
And, remember to make a calendar reminder to send a card to each special someone, explaining the thoughtful gift you gave in their name.
Guide:  Donations of $15-$25 or more make a meaningful gift from you, and for the people to be helped.

Agency Listing

Coalition of Concerned Medical Professionals

3714 Marysville Blvd.

Sacramento, CA  95838

CCMP unites local health-care professionals with others in the community, committed to advancing the goal of comprehensive health care.  CCMP is 100% volunteer run and takes no government funding.  You can make a difference.  Your gifts will help to make medical, dental, and optical sessions possible for low-income people.
No Website – Checks only:   Notate “CPC AGM” on your check.

Family Promise of Sacramento

P.O. Box 1378

Sacramento, CA  95812

Sacramento Family Promise is a network of 14-16 congregations who are committed to helping low-income families achieve lasting independence.  Homeless families are enrolled in an effort to provide shelter, meals and support services.  Your gift will be used to support the local network to assist families.
FAMILY PROMISE WEB: Click here for their link                                      

Habitat for Humanity - Sacramento Area

819 North 10th Street

Sacramento, CA  95811

Providing funds for this project enables low income families of the Sacramento area to realize their dream of owning a home.  Sweat equity is employed…that means that the potential homeowners must work on the building or remodeling of the home they will qualify to own.
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY-SAC WEB: Click here for their link     

Heifer International

1 World Avenue

Little Rock, AK  72202

You can help in the continuing effort to provide animals and training in their care through this self-help, International project.  You may select chicks, rabbits, honeybees, ducks, geese, pigs, sheep, goats, heifers or other items that help someone learn how to run their own business for survival.
HEIFER INTERNATIONAL WEB: Click here for their link                                                           

Mustard Seed School

P.O. Box 13495

Sacramento, CA 95813

Mustard Seed is an emergency school for homeless children who are not attending public schools because of their homelessness.  This school’s goal is to care for, nurture and show these young people that we are eager to assist and enable them to enroll in public schools.
For Checks: Notate “Mustard Seed” on your check.
MUSTARD SEED SCHOOL WEBClick here for their link and select “Mustard Seed” under “Programs” 

World Relief Sacramento

4616 Roseville Road, Suite 107

North Highlands, CA  95660

World Relief, an International Christian relief and development agency, works in Sacramento to serve refugees and immigrants from Ukraine, and other countries around the world.  CPC partners with World Relief, supporting Afghan mothers to learn English, and to support after-school programs for children and youth.
WORLD RELIEF WEB:  Click here for their link                                    

Three final agencies listed below are formerly known as:


Tables of Hope is many agencies with similar needs.  Therefore, the AGM Committee has selected these same THREE Agencies for this year’s Tables of Hope market, as an attempt to be of assistance in the areas of  children, youth, women, and families.   You may choose a specific area, or just make a general donation to these agencies.


Medical Benevolence Foundation

Financial Processing Center – P.O. Box 96877

Washington, D.C.  20090

Medical Assistance:  Develop partnerships with churches, schools, and clinics in 18 countries worldwide.  Choose critical health services:  hospital / clinical support & development: or nursing schools and scholarships.
For checks or online donations: Notate “CPC AGM” and your categories of choice.
MBF WEB:  Click here for their link                             

Presbyterian Giving (U.S.A.)

P.O. Box 643700

Pittsburg, PA 15264

Suggested Categories:   Feel free to select where you wish to donate.  Here are some areas of need:
  • People: Educate a child in poverty:  Supply jerry cans to carry water more efficiently: or Provide a refugee basket of food and essential supplies.
  • Water:  Access to clean water  to transform a life:  A gift of a water filter provides safe water for drinking and cooking:  or A rainwater catchment system for bathing and irrigation.

  • For checks
    :  Notate your category/ies item(s) of interest on your check.
PRESBYTERIAN GIVING (U.S.A.) WEB:  Click here to donate from their catalog    
Click here for PCUSA – portion of a gift         
For Checks or Online Donations:  Notate “CPC AGM” and your categories of choice.

Alternative Gifts International

P.O. Box 3810

Wichita, KS 67201-3810

  • Youth Empowerment:   Native North Americans face challenges in accessing quality education, healthcare and employment opportunities. The Solar Warrior Empowerment Training (SWET) program provides STEM-based solar workshops for Native American youth in Tribal schools, building leadership and teamwork skills for complex issues.
  • Education:   This Global training program for children offers simple video lessons, to teach parents how daily interactions can be turned into learning moments.  Adapted to local languages, these videos help parents give their children a head start in learning, paving the way for a brighter future.
  • Agriculture: “Plant with Purpose” (for the Democratic Republic of the Congo) works to empower rural farming families to rise from poverty by using sustainable agriculture techniques and community led economic savings groups.

Checks only for our AGM this year:  Mail to the above address. Notate “CPC AGM” and your selected categories for this agency on your check.

As we ‘prepare the way’ for Jesus to enter our lives and light our world, may we also ‘prepare the way’ of abundant life for others by living the gospel through responsible purchasing on behalf of our sisters and brothers around the world.”
Melanie Hardison, Program Associate - Enough for Everyone, PCUSA

Thank you for your support in giving lives a chance and making them better.

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