The Session is the governing body of the church. It is comprised of 21 Ruling Elders, who are elected by the congregation for a three year term to lead in the ministry of the church through one of the six divisions. Ruling Elders are responsible for the spiritual life of the congregation. They also sit as the Board of Directors for purposes of the California Nonprofit Corporation Law.

The Pastor/Head of Staff serves as the Moderator of Session and a Ruling Elder (not currently serving) acts as Clerk of Session.

Session Members

Moderator: The Reverend Keith L. DeVries

Clerk of Session: Marie Segur

Administration Division:  Bonnie Paxton, Chair; Jim Hill, Patty Peterson, Joe St. Clair

Education Division: Mary MacDonald, Chair; Bobby Brow

Fellowship & Nurture Division: Joan Hurlock, Chair; Linda Hatch

Membership & Outreach Division: Judi Stewart, Chair of Membership; Kathy Lewis, Chair of Outreach; Steve Parker

Mission Division: Allison Cagley and Tony Perrou, Co-Chairs; Barbara Farley

Worship Division: Chris Cameron, Chair; Beth Lindley, Bruce MacLean

Nominating Committee: Kathy Phillips, Moderator




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